Alexander Crews

5 Years of Experience

55+ Million Views

Working for Gearmark Pictures I have achieved measurable results for a wide variety of clients including AT&T, Razer, Whistle Sports, The Buff Dudes, 17 Hertz and more. In those years I have been involved in the development and creation of over 100 projects.

Content I have developed and produced has over 60 million views across different platforms, contributing to over 500,000 new followers and subscribers for their brands.

I often assist clientele not only with the development, but also the distribution of their content initiatives. This has included SEO, PPC and Keyword Optimization.

SEO & PPC Certified

Brand Management

Through in-house content, social media campaigns and targeted marketing efforts, I have increased Gearmark's  following from 0 to over 50,000 in just 2 years.

Case Studies


The LA-based recording studio 17 Hertz was looking to create a promotional video featuring the history and culture of their recording space.


The video was shown primarily at various conventions and music industry gatherings, and was well received by prospective clientele.

Alexander Crews


Looking for Something Specific?

I have an extensive catalogue of projects that are not featured in this portfolio. If you are looking for a particular type or feel, please contact me and I will send you a personalized portfolio featuring relevant work.


Thank you for your time!

Ingram Micro's product brand 'V7 World' was looking to create a promotional video for their new SP5100 Bluetooth speaker.


The primary emphasis was on the speaker's durability and waterproof rubber casing.

BOUNCE / V7 World

GLOW UP / Razer

Razer, a well known gaming electronics and peripherals company, was seeking a promotional video to announce the release of their new line of Chroma products.


I worked alongside their in-house marketing team to develop and execute the 'Glow Up' campaign which spanned several videos and received over 3 million views.

GYM WILDLIFE / The Buff Dudes

'THE BUFF DUDES' fitness brand was looking to expand their brand into a Fitness / Entertainment hybrid. I worked closely with their team and developed a comedy video called 'Gym Wildlife' which combined their channel's familiar Gym setting with the aesthetic of BBC's popular 'Planet Earth'.

Within days of release the video received 22 Million views and grew their subscriber-ship by 300,000.

The Success of Gym Wildlife lead to a partnership with the Whistle Sports brand where we developed a 6 Episode Series featuring the Buff Dudes. The series resulted in great cross-exposure for both brands and received very positive feedback from the fan base.

Cumulatively the series has received over 900,000 views.

GYM GENTLEMEN / Whistle Sports


Razer was looking to release a series of promotional videos for their 2 new streaming products. For this video they were looking for something simple and catchy that specifically highlighted the Kiyo Webcam's built-in LED lighting system.

AT&T was seeking promotional video content for their 'Be Free' campaign advertising the release of AT&T Thread. AT&T requested a 1 minute video that promotes the abstract feeling of 'freedom and exploration' as associated with their brand.

From this I developed the short video 'Sense of Adventure' which was used as part of their promotional campaign.


MESSY MAGIC / The Container Store

The Container Store was seeking promotional videos for their 'TCS Difference' campaign. They were specifically looking content that was 'different', 'fun' and 'family friendly'.


From their criteria I developed this short promo which was selected and included as part of their campaign.

Kameda USA was looking to create colorful and fun new recipe videos for their website and advertising initiatives.


I worked with their team to select and script several recipe videos to capture the style they were seeking.



Kameda USA was looking to create colorful and fun new recipe videos for their website and advertising initiatives.


I worked with their team to select and script several recipe videos to capture the style they were seeking.

OUR PHILOSOPHY / Nagelberg-Bernard

Nagelberg-Bernard Law was seeking a promotional video for their website that discussed their practice and its philosophy. They wanted to give their brand a 'cinematic edge' that highlights the intensity with which they defend their clients.

Alexander Crews


Being in charge of Gearmark's original content initiative, I was also charged with it's marketing. I pulled footage from a variety projects and put them together to promote both the intensity of it's content and the lightheartedness of our company culture.

In 2 years with minimal oversight I grew our channel from scratch into a quality content machine known throughout the YouTube community. Even though I have statistically larger successes, Gearmark.TV remains one of my proudest accomplishments.

GEARMARK.TV / Gearmark

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